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Rochester Independent College Wins Environmental Award

Rochester Independent College (RIC) has become only of the only independent schools in the UK to achieve official accreditation of its commitment to the preservation of the environment.

The ISO 14001 certification is a globally recognised sign of a business commitment to going green. RIC demonstrated that it met high standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), had a systematic approach to environmental management and was dedicated to sustainable development.

Neal Layton, ISO coordinator at the College said: “I am so proud of RIC achieving accreditation, we are one of a very few independent schools in the UK to achieve this internationally recognised award. The ISO 14001 accreditation process has focused our attention on issues such as waste management, energy consumption, transportation, packaging and materials use. Students and staff within the college are excited by the sustainability and carbon emission reduction projects we will be embarking upon over the coming months and years.”

Alistair Brownlow, Principal at RIC adds: “It wasn’t accidental that the College grew up around a hidden garden which has itself won awards from The Kent Wildlife Trust. We have always developed the campus in a way that grew the historically distinctive site in an environmentally responsible way. Our students, many of whom are engaged by the climate change action movements, have been asking us to do even more as a school. Leaving spaces for nature and wildness is becoming more crucial for carbon sequestration and the garden is our own small contribution to that. When we have built on the site we’ve always done so in a responsible way- our underground theatre benefitted from low voltage electrical installation and modern construction techniques, combining to give the unique performance space a minimal carbon footprint. As we grow the College over the next five years we’ll be continuing this commitment. The ISO certification offers a transparent way of managing our environmental objectives and ensuring compliance with environmental legislation.”