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#helpkentbuylocal Campaign

HelpKentBuyLocal is a campaign set up by Produced in Kent to support and promote the many independent local businesses working incredibly hard to grow, produce, prepare, sell and deliver food and drink to the Kent and Medway community during the Covid19 crisis.

Produced in Kent’s new website has been live since 25 March, just 48 hours after lockdown was announced. The microsite shows customers which of the local food and drink outlets are still open and/or trading online in their area.

All businesses, whether or not they are Produced in Kent members, can list their services on the site for free (In line with the site’s terms and conditions, which stipulates that entries should adhere to the Government guidelines on social distancing and specific guidelines to the food and drink industry). Since its launch, the website has had over 17,000 webpage visits.

Produced in Kent is encouraging food and drink businesses that are still operating to use the hashtag #helpkentbuylocal in their social media; this enables customers to find their services.

As of last week, the microsite has added a B2B map showing available stock (“Trade Stock”). Produced in Kent is urging all growers, producers, distributors and manufacturers operating in the food and drink industry to list their available stock on the respective page.

Keenly aware of the growing vulnerabilities in the food supply chain, Produced in Kent is aiming to connect supply with demand and build local economic resilience through its campaign and microsite. In the longer term, the organisation is determined to establish a lasting change in mentality towards buying local produce, both in B2C and B2B interactions.

“Buy local and support the local economy – it helps us all in the long run.”

Produced in Kent needs your help in getting the #helpkentbuylocal message out to the Kent food and drink industry as well as to the general public.

They urge all food and drink businesses still operating to:

  • List their business on;
  • Use #helpkentbuylocal across marketing channels and in all marketing messaging;
  • Indicate what services they provide to the customer, and what stock they have available
  • Contact Produced in Kent with any positive and uplifting stories for its Good news newsletter – how is your business adapting to the new normal, what are you doing for the community and how are you supported by Kent residents.

They urge all Kent and Medway residents (and that is YOU, too!) to:

  • Go to and buy from local food and drink outlets;
  • Follow #helpkentbuylocal, follow Produced in Kent on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook;
  • Sign up to the #helpkentbuylocal Good News Bulletin;
  • Tell family, friends and colleagues about the initiative.