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Medway Champions

Medway Champions is a scheme that unites businesses, organisations and individuals across the area in a powerful network to change perceptions of the place and raise it’s profile.

Medway Champions are proactive advocates for the towns and area both nationally and internationally, with the power to influence how it is marketed, portrayed in the media and at events and to get it known and considered by the people that matter.

Medway Champions bring together the knowledge, networks, passion and determination of businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force

It helps Medway compete, attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more successful economy for the benefit of everyone.

The Champions meet every other month in different venues with different speakers on each occasion giving you the chance to hear about important developments and news in Medway.

If that sounds like you or your organisation, then Medway Champions is for you.

Medway Champion aims

  • Through existing and new networks, the Medway Champions will help us put Medway on the map at regional, national and international levels. Similar to the existing Regeneration Ambassador programme.
  • The Medway Champions will use the Medway narrative to ensure a consistent message is being shared with all stakeholders that promotes Medway as a place
  • The Medway Champions will use their own networks and business relationships to promote Medway as a place
  • The Medway Champions will seek to address any negative perceptions of Medway and promote the positive aspects of Medway, feeding back any negative perceptions and comments into the Place manager to help key stakeholders ensure Medway is a place for all
  • The Medway Champions will encourage new visitors to Medway from all sectors- business visitors, tourists, new residents and new businesses
  • The Medway champions will collectively seek to bring significant national recognition to Medway through conferences, accolades etc.


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Be a part of our regular speaking events with key players from the area’s major developments to senior figures across the region and UK.

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