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A Taste of Whiskies of the Future

Masthouse Grain Whisky – Pot & Column Distilled

Kent’s Copper Rivet Distillery, from beside the River Medway in Chatham, has launched the third expression of its popular Masthouse Whisky.  Named Masthouse Grain Whisky – Pot & Column Distilled, it has used a revolutionary blend of two very distinct distilling processes.

Video: Head Distiller Abhishek Banik tastes Masthouse Grain.

The result is as complex as the process sounds, combining the smooth moreish qualities of the Column Still with the elegance and complexity of the Pot – both processes working their own magic on the three different cereals in the grain recipe.  

The launch of the Masthouse Grain Whisky means that Copper Rivet has now released all three of its 2016 harvest whiskies.  All were distilled from locally grown cereals from the nearby Isle of Sheppey.

Masthouse ‘Grain – Pot and Column Distilled’, released at 42%abv, is Copper Rivet’s third Masthouse whisky. It uses not just the Belgravia barley malt, but also Claire wheat and Arantes rye. This is the same Holy Trinity as Copper Rivet’s signature Dockyard Gin, Vela Vodka and Son of a Gun English Grain Spirit. Distilling these three gives toasted nuttiness from the raw and malted barley, with creaminess from the raw wheat and herbal spice from the raw rye. This heady mix is rounded off by decadent vanilla flavours from the oak, think caramel cream and baking spices. And distilling through the column still adds to this flavour profile  

Comments Copper Rivet’s Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Stephen Russell:

“We believe that Masthouse Grain – Pot and Column Distilled should help to redefine grain whisky and give it a much-enhanced reputation which we believe it deserves, if handled with due process as we do here at Copper Rivet. Made from locally grown raw wheat, barley and rye with a touch of malt, Masthouse Grain is bursting with flavour from each of the grains with richness, nuttiness, creaminess and a touch of spice. It is matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks.

“For too long grain whisky has been seen as a poorer cousin of single malt and this single distillery multi grain whisky aims to change that. It benefits from a long, slow fermentation and distillation, and has been finished in the column still, meaning that it carries the distillery’s signature ultra-smooth, easy drinking style bursting with natural sweetness. The use of a three-grain mash bill, with a touch of malt, gives the connoisseur many layers of flavour to unpack and a beautifully, long finish.

Masthouse Grain Whisky Pot & Column Distilled” is made in accordance with our distillery’s Invicta Whisky Charter, setting out our policy on how our whiskies will be made and aged.

“We believe that English Whisky has the potential to bring real innovation and excitement to the whole whisky category, worldwide.”

Masthouse Grain Whisky Pot & Column Distilled will be available direct from Copper Rivet Distillery @ c. £42 per 50cl bottle, Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange.


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